Meet Loficoins' partners!

At Loficoins, we are proud to work in partnership with some of the best websites in the Tibia community. Our partners include:

We are
business partners of CipSoft GmbH
This alliance makes us an Official Reseller and allows us to offer our customers the best Tibia related products and services, backed by the quality and legitimacy of CipSoft GmbH. You can find us in the Official Resellers section of the website.

Tibiapedia is a website dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information about the world of Tibia. Tibiapedia has become one of the most popular and trusted sites in the Tibia community, offering a wide range of guides and tutorials on different aspects of the game.

Tibiagallery is a website that offers Tibia players the opportunity to share their screenshots and photos of the game on an online platform. It allows players to easily upload their Tibia images from any device and share them with other players in the community.

Tibiatales is a website dedicated to the publication of fictional stories and tales related to the world of Tibia, where players can share their literary creations and explore the game universe in a different way.

Tibiatimes is an online newspaper that provides up-to-date information on news and events relevant to the Tibia gaming world. It is a reliable and essential source of information for the gaming community looking to keep up to date with the latest game news, as well as offering other interesting content such as interviews, guides and opinion articles.

Lofitec is a company dedicated to web design, marketing and SEO, that provides technology and support to Loficoins. With extensive experience in the digital market, Lofitec is a strategic partner for the success of our online projects, offering comprehensive and efficient solutions to enhance the presence of our company on the Internet.

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