Graphic resources for Partners

Here we share all the graphic and text resources that can be useful for our Partners.

At Loficoins, we greatly value our partners and want to provide them with all the necessary tools to promote our services effectively.

Below, you will find a variety of graphic resources that you can use in your promotional channels, such as banners, YouTube intros, Twitch banners, links to our website and social networks, as well as our WhatsApp number to facilitate direct contact.


These banners will allow you to highlight the availability of Tibia Coins and other services we offer at Loficoins. Feel free to use them on your digital platforms and social networks!

For instagram Storys or vertical format (short or reel).
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To insert in web sites:
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Intro for YouTube:

Our YouTube intros are designed so that you can place them anywhere in your video (we recommend at the beginning), it is worth mentioning Loficoins as your reliable provider of Tibia Coins.

In the video description you can add some texts like:

Banner for Twitch:

If you are a Twitch streamer and want to highlight our collaboration, we offer you a custom banner specially designed for this platform.

Instructions for placing the animated banner in OBS:
  1. Download the video in the “Download Banner” button below, don’t worry if your PC player doesn’t play it, it will still work in OBS.
  2. In OBS add a new “Media Source”, select Local File and set the location of the video.
  3. Do not forget to activate the Loop option (very important).
Reference image.
Text for Twitch's Nightbot:

We recommend configuring it to be sent every 15 minutes.

Links to the web and social networks:

We provide you with the official Loficoins links in case you need to place any of them.





We greatly appreciate the support and dedication of our partners. These graphic resources are designed to facilitate your promotional work.

If you have any special request or need any additional material, please contact our team.

Thank you for being part of the Loficoins family!💪

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